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Ultrasonic Cleaning is faster, more through & safest method outperforming sound waves moves through a solution creating a effect called Cavitation, the rapid formation of implosive microscopic bubbloes.

Heat enhances this process, the deep penetrative cleaning action of ultrasonic removes even the most stubborn dust & contaminations.

Applications :-

Ultrasonic can be used to remove contaminations like oil, scale, buffing compound, grinding abrasive, rust, oxide, resin, dust, inks, etc.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems consist of three basic elements.

 ultrasonic_cleaning_systems1 1. Proper designed ultrasonic generator should produce  sufficient electrical ultrasonic power. 

2. Proper tuned transducers should transfer the electrical energy into mechanical energy.


3. Ultrasonic bath should contain the proper cleaning chemical.


All tanks are manufactured of a special stainless steel, with round coners, taperd or conical bottom, for easy draining. Our tanks are Argon arc welded, for long-term stability and strudy performance.


Srinivasa ultrasonic cleaners / systems are offered in multipal frequencies from 22 + 3Khz, & 37 + 3Khz


In simple ultrasonic cleaning systems the transducer bounding to the bottom of the tanks by means of epoxy compounds. 

Our transducer are high efficiency modules, of sandwich construction, utilizing PZT ceramic clamped between metal backing blocks. All piezoelectric elements are stabilized and pre-aged.


Orion manufacturing hermetically sealed Submersible transducers and are designed for bottom side mounting. Depend on application requirements, thease transducers may be mounted to the tank bottom, sidewalls or a combination of the two.



Standard Equipments in multiple sizes available.
OU 125
125 Watts
200 x 150 x 140
4 Liters
OU 250
250 Watts
250 x 200 x 150
7.5 Liters
OU 500
500 Watts
400 x 300 x 250
30 Liters
OU 750
750 Watts
450 x 350 x 250
40 Liters
OU 1000
1000 Watts
600 x 400 x 400
96 Liters
OU 2000
2000 Watts
1000 x 500 x 500
250 Liters
Indicating voltmeter, current meter and variable power available as optional accessories
* SRINIVASA reserves the right to modify the specification of its product without notice